Sending data from Web to Excel and vice versa

I want to fill a web from by taking the data from excel. But the data is in multiple row and when i fill the form, it generate a code and i want to update this code in my excel file. how to do this?
Please help me out!!!

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Read the Excel data into data table and fill the form using the data table.

For reading Excel file, you can use Read Range Activity of Excel Application Scope.

Once the form is filled and generated the code, use Get Text Activity to read the code and use the Write Cell Activity or Write Range Activity to write the generated code into an Excel file.

At the end, Send Hot Keys Activity Ctrl + S to save the file.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks @KarthikByggari
I did get text activity and after that i use matches activity and by this i take the code in a variable.
But the point is i am sending multiple data from excel so it will be generate the code one after other. i want send this code one after another in excel. I am able to send one line information and send the code in excel through write cell activity. but how to send the code in the next row in the situation of multiple rows.

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In the write cell activity, make the range dynamic.
For example Create a variable , say counter and set default value to 0.
And split code to Array of strings. linesofcode = code.Split(Environment.NewLine)

For counter=0 in linesofcode.Length-1
     Write Cell Activity, Range = "A" + (counter+1).ToString
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