Is there any way to restore XAML workflow files from a published library?

We had a a system wipe and unfortunately the last backup of our system was fairly old. I was able to restore all of our processes from the files published to Orchestrator. But if I download any of the libraries we’ve created I can’t find any of the activity XAML files, just the project.json file.

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Yes. Download the package from Orchestrator. Edit the package filename and change it to .zip instead of .nupkg

Alternatively, 7-Zip will directly open .nupkg files (which are really just .zip files with a specific internal structure)

Open the file. You’ll find all the project files in one of the subfolders, I don’t remember which.

That works for published processes, but when I do that for a library I’m not finding any of the xaml files. I’ve checked every subfolder and did a search.

Oh, you’re right - it compiles them into .dll files. Looks like you’re out of luck, I checked some of my libraries and see the same thing - only .dll files, no .xaml files.

Searching around I see this question has been posted multiple times with no resolution, but I think I have the answer!

Extract the nupkg file
Download the program dotPeek: dotPeek: Free .NET Decompiler & Assembly Browser by JetBrains
Use the program to open the dll file.
In it, you’ll see under “Resources” all the original xaml files. Save those back to the extracted folder where the “project.json” file is.


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