Unable to recover xamls file from nupkg package


I am unable to recover my process xamls from the published nupkg package in orchestrator.

I haven’t checked the include source code option while publishing the code.

Can anyone please provide me the solution to recover the code from nupkg package.

Thank you!!

Hi @farheenfatma61

If you haven’t checked the “Include Source Code” option it means that the published NuGet package (nupkg) won’t contain the original XAML files or source code of your workflow

To get the Xmal Files:

  1. If you are working in a team or with colleagues, check if anyone else has access to the source code or the original XAML files. They may have saved a copy or have access to the code.
  2. If you were using a version control system like Git, SVN, or TFS with your project, you might be able to retrieve an older version of the project that still contains the XAML files.

Download and install a free app called DotPeek from JetBrains. It will allow you to extract the source files from the DLLs inside the .nupkg. Rename the .nupkg file to .zip and open it in Windows. Open the DLL in DotPeek.


Or, If the above options don’t work, you may need to recreate the workflow from scratch.

If your workflow is critical and none of the above solutions work, you can contact UiPath support for assistance. They may have additional tools or methods to help you recover your workflow.

Thank you for the help.

But we can’t download this software in our company’s laptop. Is there any online software that can do the same?

Thank you for the help but I can’t create it from scratch. Is there any alternative solution?


Why can’t you download it? You don’t even need administrator permissions to install it.

Set Studio to include the source files when publishing. Backups. Version control/code storage solutions like Git and SVN. These are things you should have in place as part of standard policies so that you don’t lose code.

Since you’ve already lost it, your option is to extract the files from the DLL with the tool I gave you.


I am able to open dll file in dotpreek as suggested but i am not able to see the resource folder there.

Can you guide me how to extract xaml files.

Thank you!!

Hi @farheenfatma61

Check this: