Citrix Varying Screen Resolution

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We notice in the Citrix environment, the screen resolution varies at times causing the BOT to fail while capturing data on screen. We are basically using the basic “Click Image” and “Image Found” activities to capture and validate information inside citrix. We assume maybe network bandwidth may cause lower screen resolution in citrix but we are aiming for a solution that will work independent of screen resolution. Can you please help recommended ways through which we can ensure image recognition will work even if the screen resolution varies?

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Hi @Siddarth_Nair,
This is quite known problem with virtual environment. Please have a look at similar topics. Hope you will find something:

Search results for 'citrix resolution' - UiPath Community Forum


There are many threads regarding this.

Personally what I do is vary the match percentage to around .68 to .75 (in the properties panel) and rarely do I face any issue.

You can try Computer vision though.

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Thanks @Pablito. I looked through but doesn’t match the one i am looking for.

Thanks @Raghavendraprasad for your inputs. Can you please tell me the following applies to which activity?
“vary the match percentage to around .68 to .75 (in the properties panel)”