Web scraping - Screen resolutuib

I am new to UIPath.
Is the web scraping depends on the resolution or display(monitor) size?
For e.g: If the development happens on a large scale monitor and testing has happens on small monitor, then will there be any difference in the functionality?


That depends on whether you’re using a Ui Element to define the location in which the activity draws its information from or a screen region. If you’re using a screen region it would be affected by your display size.

What will be the best way to work correctly in all sizes of display?


The best way to ensure it works across all screen sizes to use a Ui Element rather then a screen region. If you use an element it doesn’t matter if the element is visible on screen.

Hi @Viswanath_Vankadari,

Assuming you already use Modern Folders a given user / robot in Orchestrator can be allocated a specify screen resolution.

What does this do?
Say you develop your workflow dependent on screen resolution in the development env(1920 X 1080). Your dev robot works fine.

Now, when you deploy this package on a unattended Robot server/VDI/PC/RDP all you have to do is to ensure that the user logging in logs in with the same screen resolution (1920 X 1080). This can be set in your onpremise or cloud Orchestrator instance in the Robot Settings window (Edit User window).

This functionality is very useful and avoids any nasty surprises in production.

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