Continous saving of image in pdf format


Hi all

In the workflow i have created iam saving screenshots of a set of files available in loop(it may range from 100-300) and all these should be saved in pdf format,I have used the save image option saving as png format then iam using word application scope creating a new word file for every files in that loop so that the images are not captured in the word one after the other, after which iam using add image and export pdf to saving it as pdf format.

I would like to know if there is any efficient option other than creating a word file every time.


Consider creating a custom activity to do this conversion directly.


Hi All

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If you want to convert multiple images into PDF file format I would suggest you to use SysTools Image to PDF Converter tool. It is a reliable tool which export multiple images into PDF file format. Moreover, it provides two options to save images i.e. Save as Single PDF & Save PDF per Image. As, per the requirement you can select any of the option.