Is it possible to start an .exe from UiPath Cloud?

Hello Community !

I’m very new to UiPath and i’m discovering it bit by bit and I can already feel the power behind it.

For some reason I’m unable to install the soft locally, so I’ve started some projects in cloud.UiPath.

Is it me or I can’t start an .exe software from the cloud version ?

Thanks a lot in advance (searched, but there a lot of different sources and I’m a bit confused).


Hi @shIT_happens

Welcome to community !!

Question is not clear or i am unable to understand what exactly you are asking.

I assume you want to install software on your machine via

Also let me know what software and why you are unable to install is there any admin block?

Hello !

Thanks for replying.

I’m trying to launch an application from but it seems I can only launch a tab from the browser I’m working with. If I understand correctly I have to use UiPath Studio for that.