Possibility to run processes from UiPath Cloud

Hello guys,

I wanted to ask if it is possible to run a created process somewhere in cloud without needing a separate machine in order to not interfere with the workflow of a process.

I have a process created, and I want it to run automatically somewhere, whenever is trigger autommatically, without seeing everything that it does.
The process goes into a website an performs a calculus and sends back the result by email.

Is there a possibility to do this?

Please let me know!

Many thanks:)

Hello @johnathanemanueldoe

I believe that’s what you’re looking for:

Otherwise you will need to create your own cloud windows machine and run the robot there.

Thank you for your response!

Do you have any links also on how to create a windows cloud machine and run robots from there?


Hello @johnathanemanueldoe

Have you checked the headless webdriver automation in uipath?


No, but I will now. Thanks:)