UiPath.Studio.exeが端末から存在しなくなってしまいました。代替手段としてCloudで運用していますが、「#robot DESKTOP-0LESLS2(******-attended) disconnected. (#1222) 」というエラーメッセージを報告するメールを受信して状態を含めて、原因、対応策がわかりません。

Hi @kibune

Do you have any related log from Event Viewer?

Thank you.

UiPath Automation.exe existed in the UiPath folder, but I could only start UiPath with an orchestra connection.
However, after changing the tenant settings, I could not connect to the cloud after that, and I could start it with UiPath installed on the terminal.
I don’t know why I was able to resolve my faced problem, but the problem has been resolved.