Cant download Uipath Studio on my PC

Hi my Name es Luis Fernando

I’ve been having trouble to install Ui Path to my PC once again. Everything started when my studio ask me to install the new version, basically updated. I proceed to download the new version. Since then Studio never fully opened. So i deleted the program form my pc and all the docs, tried to install UiPath once from Uipath cloud. So the program starts to download on my pc, not still the app just the downloadable file, “from there everthing seems okey”. The problem comes that when i open the file and start truly installing Uipath Studio on my PC it nevera full runs, and throws me the coding record of why the problem occurs. I don’t know how to read coding, and also es very long.

I would really appreciate if someone can help my on this little roc. :woman_climbing:


Hi! @Luis_Fernando ,

please refer below :