Starting the UI Path Studio

Why when I download the UI Path Studio from resources it gives me the .exe file and everytime I want to use the studio I install it over and over so I have to keep activating my license and have to reinstall my packages. How do i get the install to stay and instead of the exe and download the actual studio

You are confusing me :smile:

why you are uninstalling the application, once it is installed @Renia

go to this ,“”.click on sign in.Then go to licence.Download community edition.

I am not uninstalling it, all i have to start it is the .exe file

that is exactly what I did. It starts but I save the exe file and install it from my desktop

From resource center?

Once you install it in the machine, simply double clicking on the exe file will open the application or you can create a short cut on the desktop or in the start menu :slight_smile: … But Can you elaborate more in the issue @Renia

Are you trying to install the downloaded file in another machine?Remember that, UiPath captures the machine ID while installing. So, when the file is installed in one machine which is downloaded with a username, it won’t be installable in another machine. You need to download another file with someother username. This I haven’t tried , but this is just my assumption.

It appears to be working correctly since I did the Run instead of save to my desktop and then run. Thanks everyone for your input

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