Is it possible to rename the tenants URL?

There are 3 tenants: Default, Test and Test2:

Login the Default tenant:

Login the Test tenant:

As per the pictures above.
The Default tenant URL is https://mycomputername/?fid=1&tid=1
The Test tenant URL is https://mycomputername/?fid=2&tid=2

Is it possible to rename the tenants URL as below?
The Default tenant URL is https://mycomputername/Default
The Test tenant URL is https://mycomputername/Test

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I hope it’s not possible, You Can Create any Tenant Name on your Orchestrator
But all are stored by different layers on Database, same as your tenant details each you creating having Tenant ID in Database

EG :
Default ===> Tenent ID ===> 1
Test ===> Tenent ID ===> 2
Test2 ===> Tenent ID ===> 3
As above Orchestrator Database Stored your relevant tenant data.

As about it how the DB Table its shows
So it’s taking the ID as the best practice of System.

So let it be as same, We do not recommend doing any changes via DB, Just showing you for reference

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@Maneesha_de_silva, Thank you very much.

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You are always welcome :sunglasses:

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