How to rename default tenant



Hi ,
Please help to rename the default tenant


@Florent_Salendres can this be done once it’s been created or do you need to do a full re-install OR simply create new tenants?


It should be possible and if I remember i tried it once back in 2017.1 by just changing the Tenancy name in one of the tables in relation with the tenancyId.
Normally, nothing is linked to the tenant name itself but only to its underlying Id.

This is however not recommended to change database outside of the given features (Deleting or renaming a tenant is not something available as a feature).

@arunbt, if you want to try this out, i would strongly recommend you to first backup your database and do it in a test environement.

Then, spend some time testing feature and login within your instance (i’m notably thinking about API, already connected robots etc…)