How does State Machine work?



How does State Machine work? when it should be used and what are the benefits.
Please share if you have a working experience with using State Machine in Uipath. If you have a artifact which you can share as example, that will be good.


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Is it good to use REFramework when only need to login on any website and do some click and download the excel sheet?

hi @vizblue_in,

It is has lot of options to be worked with.

  1. You can switch between multiple states in multiple times.
  2. Loop through itself.
  3. Can pass to other state after validating the condition given.
  4. You can use n number of final states.

refer this link for further info.State_Machine. Please find attached a basic flow.

test1.xaml (18.0 KB)

(conditions for the flow you can see in T1, T2, T3 and Please provide your email in State2 to receive email)

Vikas Reddy

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HI @vizblue_in

State machine workflows provide a modeling style with which you can model your workflow in an event-driven manner. A StateMachine activity contains the states and transitions that make up the logic of the state machine, and can be used anywhere an activity can be used. There are several classes in the state machine runtime:

  • StateMachine
  • State
  • Transition

Please go through with following links for better understanding:

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How to: Create a State Machine Workflow

For example workflow, May be you can see @vikas_reddy_Vicky example.

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Sounds like you need to be using a State Machine. Please see the link below for more information


Is it possible to have transition somewhere outside the current flowchart?



Please follow below tutorial,







Please check this -


Please follow below tutorial