Should I go for RE Framework for my project?

I have a bot that will run once daily, download an excel sheet from a website, and then after making some changes to it it will be saved.

If yes… then what should be in (get transaction data or process transaction) as I don’t want to update the status
Its just downloading file, making some changes to that excel file(removing some columns) and then saving it

This seems more like a linear process rather than a transactional process.
A transactional process would be having a list of files to download and the process will iterate over that list and download each one (each file would be considered a transaction).

You can just make a simple linear process for this and skip the REFramework if you aren’t familiar with how it works.

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Thanks @Jon_Smith

As @Jon_Smith highlighted: If you aren’t too familiar with the REFramework, simply go for a Linear Process in this case. However, the template’s Exception Handling is very valuable, so even for simple cases (when experienced) it makes sense to use the REFramework (or your own, improved version). You wouldn’t want to build the general Error Handling yourself.

Therefore, if you want to: Adjust the ‘If’-Activity/Condition to something like ‘in_TransactionNumber = 1’, so you can force the Process State to be executed only once.

You could add all your activities (download excel sheet and make changes to it) in the Process Workflow, or you could consider adding a ‘First Run’ mechanism to the ‘Get Transaction Data’-Workflow [download the Excel File, which is to a certain extent your ‘Transaction Data’]. (The ‘First Run’ is similar to how the Config is retrieved in InitAllSettings). In this case, your Process Workflow would only contain the changes necessary in your downloaded Excel File.

However, it seems to be a very simple process why you might not even need the REF. Then again, if your Automation fails for different reasons, you might be better off using the Framework (it would be good practice to learn how to adjust the Framework to your needs, too!).

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