Should we use ReFramework for every type of project?

Hello Community,

I am new to UiPath and have been studying ReFramework for the last couple of days. I don’t know if I get it correctly but ReFramework is designed to work with sort of lists of items like queues (or alternatively datatables, Excels, emails).

My scenario is different however. My automation will check the mailbox or send API call every 15 minutes, then read the customer name with some additional items and then take it to a desktop app to create an account. So there is no list (queue or Excel), no regularity on when the new item comes and in this case using ReFramework seems to me to be an overkill.

How should I approach such scenario?


Every customer you want to create can be a queue item.

@KanadMehta Thanks for your answer Kanad. And how would you approach the scenario where there is a login and a series of clicks. For example refreshing the report in PowerBI. The scenario is to open PowerBI, provide credentials, then click Refresh and wait.


If the login session continues over all/most transactions put login into init

Hi @KanadMehta,
U can do this in following way
using mail message activity get all list of mail and assign every mail as transaction item to process it