Is Element Exists activity normal to take a long time to work?

I am very waiting while Element Exists activity is working. Is it normal or anormal? What should I do to make it work fast?


Hi @Emre_Yarar

Fine Tune the selector to make it fast or set the delay in the property to 3000 milliseconds

Ashwin S

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By default element exists activity timeout is 3000 milliseconds. which means it will wait for 30 seconds to find element if it find before it will move on else it will throw error after 30 seconds. You can modify timeout from 3000 as per your requirement…

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You can change this value . @Emre_Yarar


None - does not wait for the target to be ready
Interactive - waits until only a part of the app is loaded
Complete - waits for the entire app to be loaded.

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