Element Exist property.. understanding question

IF i do not fil the property of Element Exist activity… how long it will wait on that point?

Log message Before a (Save) click acitvity Time was
“timeStamp”: “10:15:23”,
Element Exist + IF statement
Log message after (Save) click acitvity Time was
“timeStamp”: “10:15:54”,

Between save activity there is a Element exist activity and an if statement…

My element exist was not true so it should go very fast to next log but it took 30 second… is it normal or i need something to do…

I have not filed any timeout or wait for ready on Element activity. I do not want any timeout or delay as it should only work if error exist…

am i doing wrong or i need to do changes?

Hi ,

Element Exist have a default Timeout of 30 Seconds , so there is nothing wrong in it .However if you think the element check time had to be reduced you can always give the time in milliseconds (Ex : 20000 for 20Seconds)

Where to give those millisecond ? in Timeout? will that reduse those default 30 second to 20 second?


Yes … It will be reduced

Thanks a lot.

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