Find element and element exit is processed slow

Hi guys,

I used “element exit” activity in email but its true get reflection fast but False very slow than time 30 sec

and linkedin post page i used “find element” ,but this activity process also take 30 sec

can anyone help this


Set WaitForReady field to None in properties of that activity and then try once.

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You need to provide the desired wait time (milliseconds) as time out value. You can see this option by expanding the Target section under Input of Element Exists activity.

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Let me explain why this happens
Usually when we use element exists activity if that specific element occurs then it will work immediately
But if the element is not there in the place it should be then the activity ELEMENT EXISTS activity will search until its default TIMEOUT property value around 30 seconds
Once that 39 second is over it will throw error or if it’s handled with exception then won’t show error but would have vaulted till that 30 seconds is over


We can reduce even that timeout property value of element exists activity like we can mention 10000 milliseconds and if that element doesn’t occur it will wait only till 10 seconds and will fail if that does mint occur

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Raja.G



Thanks ,its worked

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Cheers @Raja.G

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