Invoke workflow not executing all activities

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with a project. I am trying to invoke another workflow, and it will work for the first input dialogue and log message but it will not execute the trigger scope to start the data scraping. I am attaching pictures of the workflow for both files

Main file:

Other File:

I’d appreciate the help!!

@hurricane_700 Since you are using triggers, are you passing hotkeys Alt+ctrl+m. The moment you pass this hotkey, it will trigger and the actions within it will run

When I run the bot and press the hotkey trigger it doesn’t scrape any of the data, instead it jumps straight back to the input dialog

@hurricane_700 Did you check is it extracting the data using data scraping. Please print data table rows count in a message box after Extract Structured Data Activity


Also, please keep some box before Extract Structured Data Activity just to make sure the bot is entering into sequence