Invoke workflow activity issue


I have an issue kindly help.

Sequence file 1
invoke workflow (Excel file 2)
using data of excel Looping in For each loop
running lots of acitivity in for each loop
at the end… invoke workflow (new sequence file 3)
Sequence file 3
Invokinging workflow Sequence file 1
(as I have read som out argument from that file) to input in value in Sequence file 3.
then lots of activity work

Now problem is… when i come to Sequence file 3 … it start reading the Sequence file 1 (due to invoke of Sequence file 1) and then it start reading all over again.
And i never come to the activities on Sequence file 3 file as its continue the flow again…

Where I do wrong?

After reading 3 times your description I still have no idea what the problem is :frowning:

Try explain it in other way or draw it.


I have solved the issue…
I didt know how to use invoke flow so while in used invoke I didt added Value on the arugment.
And in the new flow i was invking the flow 1 which was not right to do.
So now when i passed the Value on argument of new flow so that it take the value with it while invoke… then it worked… and I didt need to invoke the flow again in start of new flow… which I was doing completely wrong.
So problem is solved and now i understood the use of Invoke :slight_smile:

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