Invoke SAP BAPI parameters

I haven’t been able to find any documentation or examples for this activity. We are trying to post documents to SAP, but how should the data be formatted if passing a datatable, such as for the parameter, CURRENCYAMOUNT? Do we send the datatable with headers? Does the table need all of the columns for data that’s not necessary?

Hi @Ben88,
Have you checked this?

That guide is only useful if you’re having trouble setting up the connection in the SAP Application Scope or Invoke SAP BAPI activities. There is no documentation for formatting the files that are passed through the Invoke SAP BAPI activity. The below guide is useful for only exporting the parameters, but there are no examples of how data is passed through the Invoke activity or how the data passed is supposed to be formatted for the parameters.

It would also be helpful if there were examples of how to use the different BAPI variable types. We were finally able to figure out that to retrieve the data from the BAPI return variable, you have to use a For Each loop inside of a For Each loop.

Hi Ben88,
I am also having same requirement. I need to pass pdf file to SAP using BAPI. The input type I need to pass is data table. Do you find solution for this?. Thanks in advance.


Hi Narasimha1

Have you got solution for this.If so could you please tell me .actually i need pass the values into the bapi which are of type data table.

Hi sruthi_gunji,

Not found any solution for this