How to pass data row in to SAP bapi

could you please help me with an example how can we use data rows when passing bapi values


plz once refere this, it seems the activity pack provide argument when you enter bapi name on the wizard. (I can’t give you actual example because I currently don’t have sap env, anyway,)

I need to pass row type of data in to bapi

but i am getting exception as of below .
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA: Element form of container metadata BAPIKNA101 unknown.
Could you please me out.

do you care about the structure of the row? You know BAPIKNA101 is structure that contains various data type. (See also below URL) In that case, I assume you need pass row that has the same structure of the bapi parameter structure .

I hope it wrok…


I’m trying to add next row value of Build DataTable to SAP Bapi. But I’m unable to do so.
Please check the screenshot for reference and do the needful.