Invoke BAPI Activity loads SAP Application Scope configuration instead


I wanted to test Invoke SAP BAPI, I started with the SAP Application Scope inside of which in the Do section I dropped Invoke SAP BAPI but when I click “configure” on the Invoke SAP BAPI step, the wizard just shows me the connection parameters of the SAP Application Scope. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Hi @kamil.adamik

Check this video to learn from scratch, how to work with SAP BAPI

Thanks @gabi_verzea for this great tutorial!

Best regards, Lev

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Hi Lev,
thank you for the comprehensive video. It is a very good tutorial but my problem lies elsewhere. It seems that my studio makes some weird actions because it does not matter if I click on Configure in the SAP Application Scope or if I click on Configure in the step where I have dragged the BAPI step… I always only see the SAP Connection properties… I am not able to choose the BAPI and set its parameters…
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Hi everyone… I now know where the “issue” is… it lies in the fact that the password is not being stored in the connection parameters and that is why it always shows the original wizard. Now I understand the issue.
Thank you for response.

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