OCR Options for Image based Invoices

Hello All

I’m trying to capture data from Image based PDF Invoices (Scanned Copies of original hard copies/ Scanned copies of duplicates)

I have already tried all the default OCR engines in UIPath. I have also evaluated Google Cloud Vision APi, Azure Cloud Vision , Abby Flexi Capture /Studio (Licensed one), AWS , Adobe Acrobat PRO

However the data extracted is very poor in quality (best being Google Cloud and Abby). Although numbers still give about 70-90% accuracy, the text extracted is 70% inaccurate (with spelling mistakes) as well as not even being found in some cases

I would like to know if there are any other powerful OCR based tools that can possibly help in this scenario?

Please let me know, would be most appreciated !

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HI @neonova,

Is it is possible can you share the pdf file

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As it is internal company data, I would be unable to . However if you have any suggestions, I can try them out

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