Best Practices for Invoice Extraction

Hi All,

I’m seeking recommendations, best practices and experiences on how people have implemented Supplier Invoice Automation:

We have about 5000+ Vendors, so we get around a lot of invoices on a yearly basis roughly 300K+ I believe. The invoices format range from:

1.Structured - Always consistent
2.Semi-Structured - Format Changes frequently
3.Unstructured format - Handwritten Receipts

Q1: Would I treat the Structured DataSet through PDF Reader and the rest through Uipath’s OCr to be more cost effective? Curious to know people have developed this in their environment.

Q2: For e.g the first Invoice says Invoice #, Another invoice says Supplier Invoice Number, Third Invoice Says SIN etc. How have people handled cases like these. I can;t
imagine you are training the pdf for each vendor.

Q3: If anyone has developed this, what would the entire flow look like?.

Looking for someone ideas on how best to implement a high volume invoice processing automation.

Thanks in Advance,