Invoice Automation: Invoice has fewer lines than PO

Hi All. Does anyone have a best practice they’d like to share when the # of lines invoiced is less than the total # of lines on the Purchase Order? Experiencing issues trying to match the invoice line with a subset of PO lines. Thank you.

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Hey @Bramson_Steven

We can understand the issue as a brief.

But to understand your case specifically, We kindly request you to please share some screenshots by highlighting the grey areas which you are mentioning please…

This will helps us understand and suggest a better solution.


Hi all, here’s an example:

Purchase Order having two lines:

However the corresponding invoice only has one of the two lines.

The ask is how best to automate such that only the invoiced line is brought into the PeopleSoft voucher, -not all PO lines. Otherwise the voucher is overstated. Thank you.

Steven Bramson

Hey @Bramson_Steven

Sorry, I’m actually a bit confused here.

Is this case has some data error and you want to resolve the same.

Or this is how it is and you are still looking to automate somehow ?


Yeah, -this can be a bit confusing. Essentially, the lines of the invoice are a subset of lines on the Purchase Order.

We have to automate how the ‘bot matches the invoice line with the purchase order line. Does that help?

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Okay @Bramson_Steven

So you have an invoice with some line items and you want to check those against the PO no matter PO has one or many.

The logic for this will be something like below,

  1. Read and recognise the Line items first for the PO and Invoice

  2. Store it in some valid collection object formats like data table or list

  3. Then compare

Also, do you need to verify all the fields between these two or only some specific fields please.


Hi Julia. Did you have a question?

Steven Bramson

Hello @Bramson_Steven! Since I work as a travel agent, our business frequently uses invoices.

When we tried to match the invoice line with a subset of PO lines and other lines, we had a really bad experience.

After that, we discovered pretty helpful online invoicing software and resolved all issues. Hope this will come in handy!