Attach browser chrome - invalid ui node

When I use “Attach Browser” and indicate Chrome, I get an error message “Invalid UI node”.
Any idea why this is?

When I try to indicate Explorer or Edge it works fine.
When I indicate Chrome it seems like the whole screen is selected, which is weird.
I’ve installed the Chrome Extension.

ok it just started working. Don’t know why but it may be something with the application I’m automating running from Chrome.

@Team: Invalid issue is very common in UIPath, don’t worry here is the solution.

1- Change the web browser to inspect the element, in my case I was getting error invalid UI and not able to capture the text using “Get Full Text” when I was using chrome browser. When I changed browser from Chrome to Mozila, then I was able to capture text.
And still getting an error Invalid “UI node error”, but that “error:” was not important for me as I was able to capture text.

2- And please make sure the extension is installed on both chrome or Firefox.

Vinay Pandey, QA, Aimdek Technologies