Invalid Ui node in tab window

Hi all!

I have a coding problem. I have a bot which fills in a form from a public administration institute. The web of this institute is quite old and recomends its clients to use Internet Explorer.

Of course, I am not using IE in my bots. I have tried with Edge and with Chrome but I still have the same problem with both of them. The question is that to go deeper in the form, the user needs to click on buttons that open temporarily new windows that have the same name as the first, not the same url, but the same name for Uipath UI Explorer. So, it comes to a point when the bot cannot identify a new button that I need to click in. It may identify it, but as soon as I try to verify the selection, it changes to a different set of selectors resulting in a green OK Validation in the UI Explorer, but leading to a wrong button selection at the end (it would select a button in the original tab from where the new one I was trying to work on, was originated).

I have tried to fix this problem by closing the initial tab. In this way, I have only one opened tab in the browser. But now I have a different one. When I try to select the button I am interested in, in this final unique window, the UI Explorer tells me that the selection is valid, however, when I run it in debug mode, it comes out an error “Invalid UI node error” when the bot arrives to this point. Even at that moment, if I open the Ui Explorer, it says that the selectors are valid, and it is even able to markdown the button external limits.

So, my question is, if the UI explorer says that the selection is OK, if it marks the button limits, why do I have this “Invalid UI node error”? How can I avoid it?

HEre you can see how the Uipath UI Explorer marks the button I am interested to click it.


And here you can see that Uipath UI Explorer validates the selectors (see green square in top left corner)

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much in advance.


Hello @ccrespo9669

Can you remove the IDX from the selector and check once.

If there are any dynamic elemwnts better to eliminate it from selector.

Also is this button attached with the same window? If not add it inside a application scope or you can use the recorder also.

Hi @ccrespo9669,

Are there two open from chrome at the moment? If so, specify a title. -title instead of idx.

Also, click the selector so that the aaname field is full. If there is a space in front of it, use a wildcard. Try to eliminate other selectors as much as possible. aaname will solidify you selector.


Thank you very much both of you. I will try today and come back with the results.

However, idx, in my selector is in the grey area, as you can see in the image I uploaded, and this means, I think, that I cannot take it off…

Anyway, I will try and come back to you.


@ccrespo9669 Can you try this

  • Take Attach Browser activity, within this take click activity and perform click in the first window/tab. Now, do the process for the second window/tab. Check the results

  • Also, avoid isleaf and id in your selectors. You can disable unnecessary ones in the Ui Explorer

Thank you very much Usha. I will try.

At the end I have solve my particular problem.

What I did was to use a “Search for element” the very first time that my window appear. At this time the button to click on was accesible. So, I got the exact description of the element, and when, later on, I needed to click on it after different operations that I had to perform previously, I had the exact description for “element” property for the “Clic” activity. In this way, the bot actually clicked on the exact button I needed at the time I needed.

Thank you very much to all of you who answered my request for help. You all are really very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.


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