Invalid ui node error in get text activity for last row in a table where total number of row exceeding 2000 records

I am extracting some text which are in the top of a web page table. And some text which are at the end of the table.
Below image is the last record at the end of the table-

2637 is the last row number of the table. I want to extract 07 June 2021 - this info using get text.

I am facing an issue to extract the information from the last row in the tables where the total no of rows greater than 2000. and if i want to get 07 June 2021 -this information on that table i am getting invalid ui nod error.
when i am trying to do it from ui explorer i am getting another error:

But the issue is not appearing for the tables where the total row count is less than 2000. it gives the perfect result when the total row is less than 2000.
table data:


The get text from the first row of the table is appearing correctly for all the cases like total row greater or less than 2000 both cases.
problem arising for the get text activity from the last row where total row no exceeding 2000.if i want to indicate screen on that case i am getting invalid ui node error. And if i change the table row value in selector like -(for the last row which is 2256)

in that time i am getting selector not found error.
how can i handle it.?

Is that record present on the same page or you need to press some NEXT button for that?

hi @Jamal_Malik
The record present in the same web page.

@ppr @Palaniyappan
Please help me to solve this issue

Will be helpful if you could please share site link and activity property snap or the sequence?