"Ui Element is no longer valid"


Am trying to “get text” from a URL .The robot is able to get the text upto 6 tickets,post that it throws an error as “Ui Element is no longer valid”.Am trying to access URL from Internet explorer 11.

Could you please explain why my workflow throws error,after the robot process on 6 tickets.

I have tried changing the selector with “*” and even performed basic and desktop recording.

I have cleared the browser cache,but still the same issue.

Please let me know a static selector for this.

I have mentioned the selector below:

<html htmlwindowname='ARRoot15*' title='BMC Remedy (Search)' />

<webctrl parentid='*301389923' tag='SPAN' idx='2' />

anyone wanna Help @Preethirao ? :slight_smile:

Open for all :slight_smile:.


Avoid using idx=‘2’ as it may changes on new refresh.Alternatively,you should create a new selector by using “aaname” or with some other attribute that does not get change with the row.