Problem with For each Ui element and extract data table. can someone give me some alternative?

Hi! I got a problem with two activites i tried, it’s for each UI element and Extract data table
when I indicate element and add the ui elements, nothing saved after I click the Saved & Close Button.

I found out this problem happen only on my spesific site and it doing fine if I test it on other sites like Youtube etc.

can someone give me alternative? this is the task I need to do.

for each A in the the table, click the clickable text on the side.
the text for clickable text is random so it can’t be used for identifying.

sorry for the ugly pic, I can’t share the real thing


Tr using click with anchor as A and click in the text…

And for anchor make it dunamic by using tablrrow property…

In a table tablerow property will beincrementing by 1 for each row and remainjng properties remain same

Eg: <webctrl tag='td' tablerow='{{variable}}' innertext='A’ />

And this can be used in for loop to iterate over each row



thanks for the alternative, I use it but I still need a condition for the loop to stop because the total item to iterate is dynamic and I need the loop to do the same thing in the next page of the table (Which is why I wanted to use the for each ui element :frowning: ). any more tips?


You can use check app state/element exists activity for that…once the element is not found …you can check for next page tag and if found click on next page and start from 1 again…if next page button is not found end the loop completely


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