Invalid Credentials error in Yahoo IMAP configuration

I seem to get an LOGIN invalid credentials error even though I’ve used the correct log ins.

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Google blocked the Less secure Apps. We can’t use the Imap.

You can use the Outlook instead of gmail.

Get Outlook Mail Message to get the Mails
Send Outlook Mail Message for sending

We can’t enable the less secure apps for some Mail ID’s


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HI Roy

You will need to create a App Specific Password to access your gmail. Your regular password wont work.

To Create the app specific passowrd follow below steps

  1. Go to your Google Account

  2. Select Security.

  3. Under “Signing in to Google,” select App Passwords. ( You may need to sign in. If you don’t have this option, it might be because:)
    1. 2-Step Verification is not set up for your account.
    2. 2-Step Verification is only set up for security keys.
    3. Your account is through work, school, or other organization.
    4. You turned on Advanced Protection.
    4., At the bottom, choose Select app and choose the app you using. Check Below Screenshot

  4. Follow the instructions to enter the App Password. The App Password is the 16-character code in the yellow bar on your device.



  1. Use this password in the password property of your Get IMAP Mail Message Activity.

Hope this helps.


We can use the IMAP but we need to use App Specific Passwords to access Gmail using IMAP Activity.

Thanks let me try this.

Okay. Let me have a look. Thanks.

Here is the Video version of this post.

Here is the Blog post :**Create App Password in Gmail**

Have you been able to solve the problem?

IMAP server settings for Yahoo Mail

IMAP is the state of the art technology to connect your Yahoo Mail account to a desktop mail client or mobile app.

It allows 2-way syncing, which means everything you do remotely is reflected in your Yahoo Mail account no matter where or how you access it. Here are the settings you’ll need to configure your mail client or app.

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server
• Server -
• Port - 993
• Requires SSL - Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
• Server -
• Port - 465 or 587
• Requires SSL - Yes
• Requires authentication - Yes

Your login info
• Email address - Your full email address (
• Password - Generate App Password
• Requires authentication - Yes
If you need specific instructions for your mail client or app, reach out to its manufacturer (Yahoo).

Generate and manage third-party app passwords
Some older, third-party email apps (that do not use our Yahoo branded sign-in page) require you to enter a single password for login credentials. To access your Yahoo Mail account on these apps, you’ll need to generate and use an app password. An app password is a long, randomly generated code that gives a non-Yahoo app permission to access your Yahoo account. You’ll only need to provide this code once to sign in to your third-party email app.

Generate an app password:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Account Security page.
  2. Click Generate app password or Generate and manage app passwords.
  3. Enter your app’s name in the text field.
  4. Click Generate password.
  5. Follow the instructions below the app password.
  6. Click Done.

Use this app password and your email address to sign in to your email app.

Fix POP or IMAP client sending and receiving issues → Fix POP or IMAP client sending and receiving issues | Yahoo Help - SLN3792