Get IMAP Mail gets invalid credentials error

“get imap mail” activity not working getting a credentials error
it was working before with no errors for about a month and 2 hrs ago it starts getting this error
i tried the credentials manually and it is working.
gmail is enabled with IMAP Connection and less secure apps in gmail is enabled
Here’s the inputs for the activity
i also tried port(143,465) they aren’t working too with different errors

what could be wrong???

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@Sondos_Ibrahim1 There is nothing wrong, just u need to enable Less Secure Apps to your Gmail Account. Kindly go through this link and enable the Less Secure Apps then your issue will be resolve…

Hi @vamsiyeluri
less secure apps is already enabled for the email

Gmail is having issues with less secure apps and smtp across the board and across the world right now it seems. I have 6 / 7 different sites all reporting the same issue.

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thanks alot for sharing it
it’s working now and i didn’t change anything, so Probably it was because of those issues.

@Sondos_Ibrahim1 Try this one it will work. Just convert your password from secure string to string. and pass it in password phrase…
Use Assign Activity to convert your password…

strVariable = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, Password).Password


it works fine now .
if it crashed again i will try this … Thanks a lot :grin: @vamsiyeluri