Intranet multiple users

There are five different users who go to the same Intranet and download the file. Their User name and pwd is different. I tried to use web automation. But it is working for one user only. I have to store the password in a variable or argument. Again I will not have their password. how to do that for multiple users login on Intranet.

Hi @khooshbu.jani

The best practice to store the User Name and Password is in Orchestrator Asset.

You can store all different username in the Asset type as string and have a separator in between each name.

For Example : Sam|Raj|Peter|Lion

And also the password as string having an separator in between each password as above.

You can take this User name and password as “Array of String” in your workflow, and loop through each item of the array by using " | " the separator.

As you loop each username and password , each user will login to Intranet each time.

Hope this helps ,


But what if we are not using Orchestrator?

Hi @khooshbu.jani

It is not recommended to hard code the values in the variables.

But if you don’t have any other option then.

In that case you can have the “Array of string” As variables for username and password and loop through each item using a separator.


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