Internet Explorer migration with Object Repository

Is there a way to migrate automations from Internet Explorer which use UiDescriptors in the Object repository?

The UiPath Browser Migration tool here (above) does not achieve this, no changes are made to the descriptors in the Object Repository.

We have also tried changing the descriptors at Screen level. This results in an error message like the following for child elements:

Up until this point it has not mattered, but with the imminent demise of IE, we need to migrate quite a number of projects that are in this state and I cannot see a straightforward way to achieve this.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

It’s not as simple as just changing some flag. You’ll have to revisit each repository, make the necessary changes which includes making sure all selectors still work in Chrome, publish, then update the dependency in your projects that use the repository and publish those too.

This is a major deficiency in UiPath, which has been mentioned in various Feedback posts. We need some tools to do dependency updates without having to republish.

Check the selector!
check the components that parts causing the issue, you can do this by creating the selector newly and then comparing that with the one you altered

You can also have the Internet Explorer mode in The Microsoft Edge and keep the show going on till you migrate the solution. I just checked few selectors which are developed on IE but are valid in IE mode of Microsoft Edge. You may try this to give a try

Just to mention one special case and a lazy approach: We switched one solution from IE to Chrome by opening the xamls is text editor and replace <html app='excel.exe' to <html app='chrome.exe' this worked for max selector and few needed more tuning which were corrected by debugging the flow and checking the selector that showed error
But this is not always the case it seems.