How to migrate your workflows for IE to Chrome/Edge/Firefox – planning and selector migration aspects

Following the Microsoft announcement of the IE11 end of support starting in 2021, you might want to migrate your automation processed from IE to Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Below are a few important aspects to help you plan and implement the migration.

Planning aspects

  1. The UiPath automation for Chrome, Edge or Firefox uses browser extensions. These are offered as part of Studio and SetupExceptions tool, so please consider their installation on the test/production environments. The documentation provides instructions on how to install them based on your scenarios. Here are few helpful links:

    About Extensions
    About the SetupExtensions Tool

  2. If you plan to use Edge (Chromium) UIA support, you should know that this is available starting with:

  3. If you currently run on 18.4.x and plan to stay on 18.4.x, the Edge Chromium support is unavailable to 18.4 Robots. However, Chrome support is there.

  4. If you plan to run under Edge Chromium → IE Mode, the support was added in UIAutomation 20.10.+.Activities

Workflow migration aspects

  1. For all the OpenBrowser/AttachBrowser activities, you need to change the BrowserType property from IE to Chrome/Edge/Firefox.

  2. Selector migration

    • You can regenerate all the selectors using the target browser + the extension.

    • Alternatively, you can update all the top level selectors with the proper “app” tag. Note, most of the IE selectors, do not contain an “app” tag.


    IE selector:

     <html title='SomeTitle' />
     <webctrl aaname='SOMENAME' parentid='main' tag='A' />


    <html app='iexplore.exe' title='SomeTitle' />
    <webctrl aaname='SOMENAME' parentid='main' tag='A' />

    Chrome selector:

     <html **app='chrome.exe'** title=SomeTitle' />
     <webctrl aaname='NAME' parentid='main' tag='A' />


    • app=‘msedge.exe’ for the Edge selectors
    • app=‘chrome.exe’ for the Chrome selectors
    • app=‘firefox.exe’ for the Firefox selectors

    Mind the variables and reusable libraries.

  3. If the source process has selectors starting with “<wnd …,” tag, you need to regenerate those via Studio->activity->indicate function. These selectors identify windows like pop-ups or alerts, which are rendered differently by IE vs Chrome/Edge/Firefox.


    Selector identifying an IE alert window:

    <wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='Message from webpage' />

    Selector identifying and Edge window:

     <wnd app='msedge.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_1' title='SomeTitle- *' />
     <ctrl name='SomeName' role='dialog' />

    Last but not least: test, test, test – thoroughly test everything.

Hope this helps.

Gheorghe Stan


This Documentation is Absolutely awesome … Thank You for sharing.

:point_right: I followed the steps One by one and I was successfully able to migrate an Automation from IE To Edge -

The same is recorded in the Video shared. So, What I Did ?

  1. We had an automation using the IE Browser
  2. We Ran the Automation and Saved the Output.
  3. Some Browser related #activities Process was Using - Open Browser , Attach Browser , Clicks , Type Into , Data Scrapping , Killing of Browser .
  4. We Followed the step provided in #UipathForum.
  5. Updated the Code.
  6. Re Ran the Process
  7. Validate the Outputs from Both Browser.



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