I want migrate IE to Edge

It is an existing project i need to migrate IE to Edge


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Please install browser migration tool from UiPath cloud Orchestrator to do that. Have a look below thread to know more about it.

Hi @prathik_8679

Kindly go with Browser migration tool

please find the below video for your reference


thanks lakshman but i need to validate the existing selectors


Do you want to validate the selectors before or post migration ?

@prathik_8679 Please refer to the below threads

Once you complete migration, then run the bot in the debug mode and see wherever the updation of selectors needed additionally

i need to do it before


In that case just run the process and see whether Bot is working as expected or not. If it is working without throwing any selector error then selectors are valid else not.

Hi lakshman,
while edit the the selectors of ie in the selector panel i got this error

pls help me how to rectify it