Migration tool for processes that use Internet Explorer (IE) to Edge/Chrome/FF

Is there any support from UIPath for me to migrate RPA process currently running on IE to Edge?

@tina-lc.chiew, we are working on a tool that will migrate the selectors and open browser activities form IE to Edge/Chrome/FF. Pls note that, the automatic migration completion depends on the application you are automating. While most of the selector can be migrated, there are very specific cases where the selectors must be regenerated on Edge/Chrome/FF, like pop-ups (which are rendered differently between IE and other browsers). Also, all the target browsers require an UiPath extension to be installed, and after the migration, the process will have to be thoroughly tested.

Few important notes to help you plan correctly for the migration:

Thus, if you are on running 18.4.x, even if the tool is going to be able to migrate most of the selectors, the Edge Chromium support is unavailable to 18.4 Robots.

While we think we will be able to migrate most of the selectors, we won’t be able to migrate the ones starting with ‘wnd’ tag. These identify pop-ups/alerts, and they are rendered differently by IE vs Chromium based browsers. They will need to be regenerated.

Also, the selectors containing variables for the ‘app’ property of the top tag, might not be migrated.

Obviously, everything will need to thoroughly tested.


Hi Team,

Thanks for the above information. Is there ETA for the above-mentioned tool in the enterprise version.


Hi @gheorghestan , Team,

I have posted the same query here.

May I know when can we expect the tool to be available? We have quite alot of script on IE that needs to be converted from IE to MS Edge compatible.



Hi @robot_learner . We’re working on it as we speak and hope to have a preview version soon. By then, please go over this article and learn what the tool can do and what cannot.

Hi @gheorghestan

Thanks for the clarification, greatly appreciated, will stay tuned!


Hi @gheorghestan , is there any update on this migration tool.

@gouthamj, yes - the tool is available and ready to be used.

The official documentation: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/lang-ja/docs/browser-migration-tool.
It can be downloaded from Cloud → Resource Center → Other Products → Browser Migration Tool
Guidelines of what the tool can/cannot do attached.UiPath.BrowserConversion.Tool.ReadMe (1).pdf (150.5 KB)

Can anyone provide a link to this tool? I can’t seem to find it.



Hi @carlor

Please find this article for the same.

UiPath Browser Conversion Tool - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

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Thank you Nitya!

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