Interesting Behaviour of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)

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here two interesting behaviors of UiPath in relation with the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).

  1. If I use the anchor method on the SAP GUI with the NWBC, I get the error: "Action Type Into ‘GuiTextField RSYST-MAN…’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "
    If I use the non-anchor method all works well and expected.

  1. If I open beside an SAP NWBC window an SAP GUI for Windows window parallel and would like to record something inside this SAP GUI for Windows window, it doesn’t work. It is not possible to select any element. After the restart of the SAP Logon and the closing of NWBC all works well and expected.

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Have you enabled the script on both client and server side ?

For the second issue which you are facing you should enable the client side scripting then only SAP will allow third party tool to access it or it will support for recording.

Hello @lakshman,
yes, it is.
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Hello @Divyashreem,
the SAP GUI Scripting is activated on the client side.
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@StefanSchnell Regarding #2, this is a known limitation due to the way SAP Scripting Engine exposes the selectors when both clients are running. Please see the limitation here.

For #1, I am looking into it.


Hello @Bhushan.Khadpe,

thank you very much for your reply.

With all respect, but the limitation, which you indicate, does not seem to be correct in my eyes. I use SAP GUI Scripting since years and it is possible to use SAP GUI for Windows and NWBC parallel.

At first an example with one analysis instance on the left, on top right the NWBC and an bottom right the SAP GUI for Windows. Both SAP instances have the same ID, but it is easy to seperate them via the ID in the Running Object Table (SAPGUI versus SAPGUISERVER).

And here a video with two separate execution instances of SAP GUI Scripting parallel. The windows on the top are NWBC and the windows on the bottom SAP GUI for Windows. As you can see both run parallel and executes an easy SAP GUI script. They run side by side.


I would call it a recommendation rather than a limit, not to use SAP NWBC and SAP GUI for Windows with SAP GUI Scripting parallel. The knowledge of this behaviour of this combination is in my eyes very important, because if you create an attended bot for a business process, where the business expert uses the NWBC, you have to take care of it.

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@StefanSchnell Thanks for the feedback and details. We are reviewing internally and will revert back to you shortly.


Hi @StefanSchnell

We are determining at runtime the target SAPGUI object for executing the selectors against.
From our experience, SAP Win GUI creates a ROT SAPGUI object, while SAP NWBC creates a SAPGUISERVER object and, in some cases, instantiates and publishes in ROT another SAPGUI objects making impossible for the robot, the identification of the right target.
Unfortunately, ROT objects are published with very few information to be able to decide, reliably enough, which SAPGUI object to use. While there are technical solutions like starting from the
process handle and browser further through the SAP windows until a match found, this does not offer enough speed of execution and might induce latency in execution.
You are right, it’s rather our recommendation then a SAP limitation.

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Hello @gheorghestan,

thank you very much for your explanations.

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