Tip: Automation of SAP Business Client

In addition to my post about interesting behaviour of SAP Business Client here another tip to work with it.

When you attach to an SAP Buisness Client window you get as selector this

When you insert a transaction code the title changes and for the following selectors it isn’t possible to find the control, because the titles are different.

It is recommended to delete the title attribute in the selector of the SAP Business Client window and all works without any problems.

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Great tip Stefan,

Another option if you still want to ensure you’re within a certain transaction code could be to use wildcards around a portion of the title.

For example, if you were using t-code SM37 and all the titles contained the the string “SM37”, you could use “*SM37*” as your title selector.

This way you could still easily identify when an action fails to move to the next activity (due to a page not loading, button not actually clicking, etc.).

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Hello Cary,
thank you very much for your interesting hint.
Best regards

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Correct me If I’m wrong, It would give us the better results if we use asterisk (*) as title in those particular situations right? I don’t think there is an issue with this. Please let me know if there is any :slight_smile:

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My mistake, I forgot to use the \ character to display the asterisk (it was in there, just hidden!).

Thank you Hareesh!

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Just saw that @chenderson :slight_smile: