Interations in CRM-database possible?

Contacts in HubSot should be updated. How can the process jump to the next contact after saving the changes in the current contact and going back to contact-overview (list)… Is there an activity like “for each row in browser app” existing?

Hi Michael,

Could you provide more details or prints of the application you are automating?

At first glance, it seems to me you would need to scrap the screen data and loop through it, setting a different selector each time but more detail would help.

I think you understand my problem. I have to click into each contact to update some data in the same way… I have captured the single process and it works… But how can the process jump from one contact to the next below till all contacts are worked through? The screenshot was made in Google Chrome with the open HubSpot application.

Do you have an idea Lucas?



Hi ,

There is no for each browser activity in UiPath. please find my thought below on your use case.

  1. Use Extract table data activity and indicate the first contact it will automatically detect the entire data and store into data table.

  2. Once you get the data table use for each row and loop all your contacts one by one and get the contact name using the following expression eg: CurrentRow(“NAME”).tostring

  3. Use click activity and select the first and second contacts and understand which attribute name is changing so we can make that attribute as dynamic and click the contact with the help of loop and get the details what you are required.

i hope above steps might helpful for your requirement. thanks.

Yes, that’s the approach I mentioned with less datail earlier.
I do believe this is the best way to go about it.

Here are some documentations if you are not used to work with this activities,

And here you can read about selectors and figure out how to build a dynamic one:

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Thank you guys for your ideas… I tried it out… Please see the video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Only 1 thing is not working… As you can see in the video the loop is running, but the loop takes only the first contact name and does not jump to the 2nd line. So only the first row is worked through and the other 99 rows are left over. How can the process jump into the 2nd row… Something wrong in StudioX?

=> The process should update the contact without changing data… I need the contact-save-activity so an integration between HubSpot and an Email-Automation-Tool (SendinBlue) gets the trigger to forward info of 2 other HubSpot columns to the Email-Automation-Tool.