Loop activity in Browser

Hi UiPath Community,

I´m really stuck please help me.

I am trying to create a loop, that i each time click on the name of a Candidate copy their email address. Then go back and click to the 2. Name, and so on. I want to click on all the names once. How can I do that?

Did you try to use this function:

After that you will have a datatable and you have the names in it.
Add For Each Row activity and click on each name in the datatable. And also add your activities in it.

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Hi Mahmoud,

There is no Data Scraping option in StudioX. There is only Table extraction. Is that what you mean?

I didn’t use StudioX but I think it is the same.

You can try it.

When I do like this, nothing happens. My Excel remains blank.

Because you didn’t select the datatable correctly.
You need to do that correctly. You have to watch some videos, how to do that in StudioX.
I gave you the idea how to do that.

Maybe someone else has another idea how to do that.