How to select next row in a Web browser table using StudioX?

I’ve spent the day researching how to do this, but failing miserably. I think this is because most of the responses are for Studio instead of StudioX.

I have a Web page that has a table of records that can vary, which I search and update a particular part of the record and next I want to click on the next row (continuous until all rows are updated).

Does anyone have any simple steps to carryout the above?

Hi @Ward_Rowan_IT_Services

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It looks like there isn’t a straightforward way to loop over the UI Elements in StudioX just yet, but the UIAutomaiton team is looking at the possible ways to make this happen.

One way to achieve that still today would be to:

  1. Use the data table extraction functionality to extract the table.
  2. Loop over the extracted elements and use the extracted text to make your selectors dynamic. Naturally, there are requirements for this, such as having access to the selector properties that would match with the extracted data.