Click one by one problem

Can the robot click the next button down after clicking the 1st button?

please see image below
screenshot book

can you send the screenshot of full table ?


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Yes its possible!Share the full table

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hi only the empty column i can share because of confidentiality.

You can use an anchor base to click on each personal address book

In anchor base use “find element” activity and click activity

In find element activity use the “comment” column as element to find and click on personal address book , you will also require to edit few things in selectors

It would be better if you use Extract datatable and then use a for each row , find the element and click


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Could you maybe send hot key arrow down to highlight the next button then send hotkey enter to activate it?

there are several methods to follow !
Simple Method is use click activity to click on the element;Here set the anchor as the element corresponding to your target element ex:Mobile number ;edit the target selector open uiexplorer and set innertext or aname variable as ex:mobileNumber

in assign mobileNumber=currentrow(“Mobile Number”).ToString

The other way is to use anchor base activity



I’m sorry but it seems that anchor base is not available in StudioX ?

then use click activity along with an anchor


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so I’m going to use click for each one of the buttons ?

No i mean extract that datatable and then use “for each row in datatable” then click

You can ask “for each ui element activity” too and then click

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