Interactive Session Vs Non-Interactive Session User Accounts

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We are working with interactive user accounts for most of the unattended robots in our projects. But there is a ask to goo with Non-Interactive session type user accounts.

But my understanding here is for executing an unattended process UiPath needs to create an interactive session either as console session or as a RDP session. So as the service account without interactive logon rights could not be used for interactive sessions it is pretty clear that we cannot use it for unattended process execution.

Our process needs to interact with web/windows applications interface so cannot be made as background process where we do not need an interactive session.

Other constrains:

  1. We have to take control/login into the system to check if any issues in the PROD environment using the same ROBOT user login
  2. Few applications not working if we are not using interactive sessions.

So please provide your inputs on the interactive session model and non-interactive session model user account when we can use them respectively.


Hi @sarathi125,
First of all I would start from documentation to be sure that we’re on the same page:

So no matter if we are talking about interactive or non-interactive session (I would suggest to use Foreground and Background process name instead) the first this is to decide if the process need to be supervised by user or can work separately.

In this case you need to choose. Unattended process which will be monitored from orchestrator. Eventually you can include some activities like take screenshot to check if process is going smoothly. Or you will use attended process where user can see what robot is doing. You can’t have unattended process during which you will log into the session to “watch” how is it going. You will break the robot’s task by overtaking it’s session. This is intended behavior designed by Microsoft. Just consider a Robot in that case as a user. If user is logged into machine and somebody will log to the same machine with his credential what will happen? You got it right?

Unattended process can be both… foreground or background process. All depends on which activities will you use. If you need to grab data from the website… then for sure your process will require to work with UI Elements. Again - each unattended robot is anyway considered as a user which is logging into machine and doing his job.

Hopefully I’ve put some light on this :slight_smile:


Thank you for the information provided.

So shall we conclude like, if we need to do desktop application or web application interaction to get/feed data into it, then we have to use interactive session (foreground).

Yes, unless such application / website don’t have possibility to feed data through for example API or similar background way.

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