Windows user log on activity

Running form the Orchestator a Robot on a blocked pc; allows me only “Background” operations. But i think is not enough, for cases where the program doesn’t support this ones.

Would be awesome to allow by starting a process, to literally log on the user windows session as a human would do to!..not a chance? (this is really an important improvement, because in some cases we can’t really have the session logged when the robot y scheduled tu run! [also usin a VM on Azure, this is a problem because the same])

That is not correct. The robot opens an interactive session and does the work within it. Of course, you can not see it, unless you know the robot’s password and you are already logged in on that machine.

So…it does exactly like a human would do.

Can you send me an example of a uipath project working this way witha simple interface (like iexplorer or chrome); and how you program it to start it?

I’m doing it using “Invoke Interactive Workflow”, where that invoked workflow input text and click for searching on google. I’ve started from the windows scheduler and also by the command line and the closing the RDP connection to my azure VM. But as it closes the windows session, it crashes by not finding the selector. If is put the “simulate click” option it works. But that’s the problem, some programs doesn’t work with this simulate backgrund activity.

That’s just the point; the case is number 2.

While i program a schedule tu run the robot everyday; the idea is not to be connected to the RDP, and just trust that the robot is doing it’s jobs.

@GERMAN_LARRAIN have you solved your problem? This issue is also bothering me.


Not really :frowning:

My partial solutions is:

  1. To ask for non virtual windows, so the session can be manteined always logged. But this doesn’t works on an Azure windows VM
  2. On this case, i have a “father” windows VM on azure that mantains the RDP connections to this other windows VMs with the robots. so i can close the father RDP connection and it works with this hack! But is not nice to pay this father Vm just for focusing RDP connections

Tell me if you get something better, cheers.

Well… That s quite the workaround you got there! Congrats for the idea!

I’ll try to dig deeper for the correct solution. Normally, the robot is advertised that it can login to a locked station… I tried it locally (physical station) and VPS… But no success…

This topic stills broke my scalability and reality on sales, is to expensive for a client to start paying the Orchestator licence, sure their is not a shorcut to start lighter? @badita?

I post this on the zendesk, from the trial version i’m using:

Request #113594 Unable to run on a NonProduction Robot a Foreground Process without Orchestator

German Larrain Today at 17:56

[Follow-up to request #80782] My client whants to jump from the CE Edition to an UnAttended Licence. But this to be able to run their Foreground processes without the need of an RDP connection to their Windows virtual machine on Microsoft Azure. The thing is that right now they whant to start without paying the Orchestator licence (not payable until more process start running on that robot). So i was able to run this example proyect attach with the Trial UiPath version, but running it from the Trial Orchestator NonProduction Robot i config. It’s possible to do and start with this only UnAttended Licence and do this? Scheduling on the Windows Task Scheduler? What configs i’m missing!?. It’s being critical for this a new clients that whants to start buying their licences, please help! (12.6 KB)

Finally i understood all :sweat_smile::grin:

This works, but the clue is on what conditions.

Foreground processes ONLY can be scheduled if you have a Triel Licence or an UnAttended one paid; is the unique way to have “Windows Service” running licenced.

As you can read here: