Question on uipath run process in backend

I am thinking of a robot to run in backend.

I have created a robot to auto login in to two website account and copy user data from a website into these two websites. During process is runnng, user is able to see the whole automation that robot run. User cannot do other things during robot run.

Therefore I am thinking of can the robot run in backend and user can perform other tasks when robot is running. Can uipath really can do that?


Are you using Orchestrator ? If yes then buy Unattended BOT licence and use it. In this case, BOT only will login into that system and perform those actions.


@lakshman Yes I am using orchestrator.

Do you means if I choose unattended robot, the robot can perform in backend?

Hey @Emily_Yip

Create a robot of this category and connect the bot to a machine or a server that can perform this task. Usually unattended bots do not need human intervention to start or during the process. Hence the machine should be a machine where no one is accessing so that your bot alone will be working there.

So yes, create a bot on this unattended type and connect it to a different machine where users dont access and schedule the process so that it will run automatically. This way your user will be able to work on his machine without getting distracted by the bot

thanks @Lahiru.Fernando

That means if I need a user intervention to click button to start rpa, unattended robot has no help in this case?

Will there have other solutions?

hi @Emily_Yip

unattended bot can be scheduled and is useful only when we skip human intervention :slight_smile:

If any human intervention is required, I would suggested go for attended bot :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
we developed a automation process on java based application,which is working fine when screen is available and when running in background using orchestrator with unattended mode some clicks are working fine some clicks are not working , i changed the properties to simulate click also
any suggestions should be appricated


I also faced this issue and i tried to use image activities and it’s resolved my issue.

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hi @lakshman,
i tried that also when java applications have buttons their clicks are working fine …if applications have some tabs and scroll buttons their my activities are not working exactly.
give me some idea if image activities works in background mode and i need to modify screen resolutions

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Simulate click may not work on all applications, have you tried sendwindowmessages?

or are you able to use hotkeys with the application?