Interaction uipath and Excel

Hello everyone!
I have an issue

I want to extract data from an Excel file.
This Excel file is filled from a data base via a pluging.

Before extracting the data, i have to filter on month and year and update to have the recent data (otherwise it displays only old data or data i don’t need).
But the robot can’t interact with the dropdown list of the month and year.

I tried click, select item, cv click… but i have this message

Do you know which activity i can use to select the items or what i can do to extract all the data and filter after?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Laetitia
to filter the excel u can use filter datatable activity


Nived N

Happy Automation

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Hi @Laetitia ,

just to add on what @NIVED_NAMBIAR has suggested,

If you can manually type in that cell that has the drop down, you can also use Write cell activity to enter the required parameters. Once you have appropriate data, you can use Filter dataTable activity


cv click is for centervision click.
Click with essential click activity

Thanks for your help.
But it’s not working either.

Thanks for your help, but i can’t manually type into the cell that has the drop down.