How to edit dynamic selector for a Excel file

Hello there,

i have a Excel file (dt1) with database connection where i want to update some infromation regarding projects. Every project has a project-ID where i can allocate the project via using the Excle filter on the “Project-ID”-Column. After allocation i want to click into the cell via selector. I have the project-IDs for the to be changed projects in another datatable dt2. I want to loop through this dt2 and store the project-ID in a variable which i can use to set this as a filter criterium to allocate the project in dt1 as i mentioned above.

Is it possible to use a click activity which is able to filter the Project ID based on the provided ID from dt2?

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Hey @Schlosser_Tobias

You want to mandatorily filter in excel only ?

Why not to filter programmatically in UiPath ?



You don’t work with spreadsheet data this way, by interacting with Excel. You use Read Range etc to load the spreadsheet data into a datatable, then use the datatable for your process.

Usually you would work with the read range activity. The Excel is a report which i get from our report system via opening it through the browser. I have to interact with the Excel file using UI-activities because the file is connected to a database.

The use case:

  1. First the bot log into SAP to call a report and export them in a excel list.
  2. I do the same with our reporting tool.
  3. Join the two data tables via using the project-ID
  4. Figure out the changes between the data tables through using a flag
  5. Open the Excel file in the reporting system through the browser and the use application activity
  6. Use a for-loop to iterate through the joined data table and take the project-ID in every round to search on the Excel-report sheet the corresponding project
  7. Click the project an open into the Excel the planning layout
  8. Write the data in the planning layout, save and close it